Business Private Consulting

Step 1

Fill out and sign 1099-A Payment Agreement Form with Limited POA.

Step 2

Pay the setup fee to start the payment process for our services.

Step 3

We fill out and submit a few documents to get payment on behalf of your Trust.

Payment from my Trust?


Yes! We know our service price is a high number, and although it’s warranted, we look for options to help keep actual monies in your pocket as you will not have to pay out of pocket. We accept payment in credit dealing with the U.S. Treasury via Form 1099-A and other necessary forms.

What is a 1099-A form?  A 1099A is a tax document that allows you to “pay” for services using your trust that is set up for you at the United States Treasury via your Social Security Number.

We understand that this may sound strange and unfamiliar, but this is in fact true.  Your SSN is your “credit card.”

Your Social Security Number/Card is attached to a trust that was created for you the day your SSN was procured. It’s not a bank, it’s a trust (please learn more about a trust).  It’s LIKE a bank. This trust is set up to meet YOUR NEEDS. This program is meeting the requirement of a NEED… A financial NEED. You can use this trust to pay for products and services. It is not to be abused! 

We will fill out one on your behalf using our agreement (limited power of attorney) and there is nothing you need to do after signing this agreement. 

On our side as a business, we must file a few documents to receive payment.  The money will come to us from your trust and nothing out of your pocket. 


What you'll Get

Your choice of 12 or 24 months, will determine the length of your enjoyment of: Private business strategy, coaching and consulting, to also include these awesome benefits:

1099-A Payment For Services Agreement

Ready to get started? Just fill out this Agreement form and sign when prompted. We’ll do the backend work and get in touch with you for our initial background interview.

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