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What is a 1099-A form?  A 1099A is a tax document that allows you to “pay” for services using your trust that is set up for you at the United States Treasury via your Social Security Number.

We understand that this may sound strange and unfamiliar, but this is in fact true.  Your SSN is your “credit card.”

Your Social Security Number/Card is attached to a trust that was created for you the day your SSN was procured. It’s not a bank, it’s a trust (please learn more about a trust).  It’s LIKE a bank. This trust is set up to meet YOUR NEEDS. This program is meeting the requirement of a NEED… A financial NEED. You can use this trust to pay for products and services. It is not to be abused! 

We will fill out one on your behalf using this agreement (limited power of attorney) and there is nothing you need to do after signing this agreement. 

On our side as a business, we must file a few documents to receive payment.  The money will come to us from your trust and nothing out of your pocket. 


__X__ I would like for VEEMZ LLC/Stephon Stafford Beckham to fill out the 1099-A on my behalf.


The cost of our Private Consulting Coaching Services are as follows.

$ _____ 599 ______  for set up service fee (paid up front with debit/credit)

$ ______ ______  for Private Coaching/Consultation with Upgraded Services (paid for with 1099-A made out to VEEMZ LLC)

These amounts are due immediately and we will receive the funds within 45 days of our company filing the proper paperwork. Nothing else is to be done on your part.

This pays for               months of:

  1. Private business strategy, coaching, and consultation
  2. Website design
  3. Website edits and maintenance (bugs and errors)
  4. Website hosting, domain name, and domain server
  5. Graphic design services
  6. Video editing services
  7. Ad creation and management
  8. Social media management
  9. Team skill and mindset training
  10. Unlimited coaching calls



I do hereby grant a limited power of attorney to VEEMZ LLC and any persons of their employ, designees or agents for the express purpose of preparing and signing all documents written with the intent of getting compensated via filing a 1099-A form on my behalf, and/or verifying information contained in the files maintained by the following consumer reports: Transunion, Equifax, Experian, Lexis Nexis, SageStream, Innovis and any other consumer reporting agency.


I fully understand my responsibility in this program and acknowledge all my questions

have been answered. I understand that this is a process and that our continued services will be terminated upon the end of the aforementioned months, upon which all company related information and credentials will be surrendered.


Mark with an “X” below to let us know that you understand and agree to each of the below sections of this agreement.

__X___ Consumer Agreement

__X___ 1099-A Fill Out Option
__X___ Cost of Services
__X___ Limited Power of Attorney





Signature: ______________________________  



You may or may not receive mail/correspondence from the IRS regarding this the use of the 1099-A form. Do not worry should this occur. It’s a formality to make sure that you are aware that the form was used with your information on it. That is the purpose of this agreement. All the filing rests on the shoulders of VEEMZ LLC. If you’d like proof of our legal existence and would like to see a copy of our Articles of Organization with the State of Delaware, it is filed with the State of Delaware Secretary of State Division of Corporations under SR 2018462703 – File Number 6896882.



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