Non-UCC Cover Design (Front/Back)

Suggested Price: $50.00

What you’ll get:
  • Front cover design to LuLu Magazine specifications for easy upload
  • Back cover designed to LuLu Magazine specifications for easy upload
What be required:
  • Sketch of your design idea or selection of premade template
  • Name of your all caps BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME
  • Colors, Images, etc., if any
  • Non-UCC Barcode issued from CitySide Records
  • To be completed with Non-UCC Book Cover form that will be emailed after donation


The “suggested price” crossed out is the price we would normally charge a regular client. The price not crossed out is the minimum donation amount required for the services for this product.

If you would like to donate more than the already applied required minimum, then enter your total amount to donate below, in the “Name Your Price” section. If not, just click “Add to Cart.”

Do you need a custom Non-UCC book cover (front/back)?

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